Our research program “Improving care for victims of severe violence in the workplace” is divided into five sections:

This research program is intended to develop, deepen, transmit and share knowledge as concerns violence in the workplace as it is related to the sex and gender of workers in the following regards:

  • the epidemiological and contextual dimension of violence in the workplace
  • the impact of serious violence acts (SVA) on health and also on the quality of life in the workplace
  • the requirements as to formal and informal support following a violent episode
  • the most effective and efficient methods for dealing with and preventing violence and its consequences
  • the most appropriate means of facilitating the use of and access to services

This program is concentrated specifically on serious violence in the workplace, committed by:

  • an outsider
  • a customer/user/patient or
  • a colleague

It includes any action that directly or indirectly threatens the safety, physical integrity and psychological well-being of one or several employees within their work context.

The research questions that we investigate are innovative, but they also have a high priority, given the seriousness of the negative consequences engendered by exposure to SVA in the workplace. The planned studies in each section will result in a deeper understanding of this phenomenon, together with an improvement in the help made available to workers. They will result in practical and speedy actions that have a positive and meaningful impact on the health of workers, on disability management, and on the related social and economic costs.