Our research program “Improving care for victims of severe violence in the workplace” is aimed at carrying out projects focused on action in the workplace with specific partners, with a view to improving the clinical and organizational aspects of helping male and female workers exposed to serious violence acts (SVA) or at a high risk of being exposed.

In the course of the past years, violence in the workplace has attracted more and more attention from the work environments and from those organizations that compensate workers adversely affected. Very little data, however, is available regarding the efficiency of preventive measures (primary, secondary, and tertiary) or the after-effects and care following SVA in the workplace. Additionally, there is a requirement to develop different strategies that take into account both the evidentiary record and the needs of those workers who are in great danger of being exposed to SVA, especially with respect to sex and gender-related issues.

Our team, VISAGE, is financed by the Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), under the overall theme of “violence, gender and health”. We focus more specifically on:

  • issues concerning sex and gender linked to experience of violence
  • the needs of workers exposed to these experiences
  • the optimization of the help offered to such persons

The development of research and knowledge translation activities in cooperation with the workplace thus affects three of the Institute’s priority research areas:

  • “Violence and health: effects and implications!”
  • “Clinical interventions: improvement of efficacy”
  • “Work and health: practical implementation of research”